About Winkt

Hi there, so great to see you here. My name is Wendy and I started Winkt to expand the appreciation for tattoo art. Creating this platform combines my passions for webdevelopment, design and tattoos.

Winkt (We Love Ink) is all about graphic and modern tattoo inspiration. Winkt supports tattoo artists that stand for something and offers them a platform. "You don't ask Van Gogh to make you a pop art painting"; When you want a tattoo, Winkt is happy to help you find the perfect match. The Winkt platform releases new content and features every week so keep an eye on it.

Everything you see on the Winkt instagram and the Winkt site is handpicked. No money is accepted in exchange for exposure to ensure the quality of content. Only the finest tattoos are featured to give you the best tattoo inspiration possible. Only original, well designed and executed tattoos make the cut. So if you want a new tattoo that isn't mainstream, if you want to view nice tattoo content and get inspired or you just want to see the platform grow and see what Winkt comes up with next. Be sure to follow Winkt and show some love, it will be highly appreciated.

Wendy de Kock - Winkt