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Get your own tattoo animation

Make your tattoo come to live with a custom tattoo animation! Why do you need one?

  • 💪️To boost your social engagement
  • ✌️️‍To get attention for your work as an artist
  • ❤️Because it is cool to see your tattoo come to life

Request an animation

Send me a message to check if your tattoo is suitable for animation. See the FAQ's for frequently asked questions.$119$99$59

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the tattoo animation for commercial purpose?

Yes, once the payment is completed, you will receive a high-resolution video without a watermark. You can use the animation wherever you want, on your website, in your store, on social media, in advertisement, you name it. However, if you are not the artist but the owner of the tattoo, I always ask you to mention the tattoo artist when sharing the animation. In addition, it is always appreciated if you mention Winkt.

Will the animation be featured on the @_winkt instagram page?

It depends if it fits the style of the page. If you want to know please mention it in the message when using the request an animation form above.

When will I receive my animation?

I will let you know once the request is received. You can expect the animation within 3 days, if you want it before a specific date please mention it in the message when using the request an animation form.

How are the tattoo animations made?

The animations are made with Photoshop. In most animations, first the skin is made whole again so the tattoo can freely move. Then a keyframe animation is made.

How much time does it take to make an animation

It depends on how clear the idea is, the quality of the photo and off course how complex the animation. In some tattoos I have to complete part that is hidden to animate it. It takes anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours.