Alien tattoos

Alien tattoos have always been popular and lately I see them becoming much more interesting. They go beyond the standard alien face outline and these alien tattoos were definitely made in a creativity flow. Hope you enjoy.

Alien in street wear tattoo

Artist: David Whitegun tattoo

What do you call aliens who are very loud and over the top? The EXTRA-terrestrials.

Alien pouring drink planet tattoo

Artist: Randy Lahaie

What do you give a cranky alien? Some space

Randy Lahaie
Man seeing alien in the mirror tattoo

Artist: Evgenii Andriu

Did you know Pluto could have life? When taking in closer look in 2015 the results were ocean potential, tons of hydrogen, and nitrogen. Water and methane are commonly used as life indicators, this is not proven yet.

Alien umbrella raining humans tattoo

Artist: Pulledpoltergeist

The principle of the Great Filter Theory suggests that there is something barring life from engaging with other alien beings. This barrier known as the 'Great Filter' is a force or occurrence that, depending on how you look at it, prevents our society from meeting aliens, or theirs from ours.

Alien suit ironing tattoo

Artist: Edit Paints

An early UFO sighting in Ancient Egypt was the first alien experience ever reported. The Sixth Pharaoh Thutmose III's scribes identified 'fiery discs' hovering over Lower Egypt's sky.

Humans suck alien smoking tattoo

Artist: Marco Bordi Tattoo

96 counts of confirmed UFO sightings, experiences, and other mysterious occurrences have been recorded worldwide.

Marco Bordi Tattoo
Alien with versace shirt tattoo

Artist: Infrababy

Stars must be at least 3 billion years old (to allow life to evolve), have low mass, and have high iron levels, according to Turnbull; metals are needed to construct rocky, earth-like planets. I wonder how old the oldest alien tattoo is.

Alien with cat ignorant bold tattoo

Artist: The magic rosa

Did you know aliens might not be soft and squishy, or need to live in the “habitable zone” where water and oxygen are present. Some astronomers assume that aliens would prefer to hang out in high-energy hotspots, like black holes or supermassive stars.

The magic rosa
Alien under the shower tattoo

Artist: Alejo GMZ

The Milky Way could contain around 40 billion Earth-like planets.This theory came to light after discovering over 3,800 'exoplanets' in our surrounding stellar neighborhood.

Alien with shirt and cat tattoo

Artist: Rafaela Castro

According to atomic theory, the aliens are inside us. All atoms, including those in our body, consist of small spaceships. And they are controlled by even smaller micro beings. The human body is actually a cloud of micro-beings. That’s one deep tattoo.