Balloon tattoos

Let it go, let it goooo these balloon tattoos can have the symbolic meaning of letting things go. They are also associated with a party and happy thoughts. Whatever your association may be, these creative and well executed tattoos inspired me and I hope they will do the same for you.

Blue lined tattoo with the text 'feelling blue'

Artist: Alexis Xol

Helium balloons are sometimes used as drugs. Inhaling nitrous oxide creates a short, strong intoxication. Often you will see your environment differently and sounds will sound different. Be careful because breathing helium can cause an oxygen deficiency.

Man with a rope under a rock and balloons as head

Artist: Dinna Rivera

I invented a cold air balloon, but it didn’t really take of.

Balloons of letters spelling a word

Artist: Caleb Lansett

Did you know that balloons are never completely round for our convenience? This ensures that you don't get the whole balloon in your face when you inflate it.

Balloon holding a needle trying to pop itself

Artist: Pokeeeeeeeoh

Before toy balloons were invented people inflated pig bladders and animal intestines. That would make one weird ass tattoo.

Woman holding her head as a balloon

Artist: Victoria Kalashnik

Did you know you can compete in a balloon competition? In this competition you attach your address card to a balloon with the question if the finder can return it. The balloon who was returned from the farthest distance has won. Since this is not good for the environment I wouldn't recommend such a competition as it is not good for the environment. but it's is a funny concept though.

Man holding his head as a balloon

Artist: Capitaine Plum

Did you know the first rubber balloons were developed in 1824? They were created in London while experimenting with hydrogen.

Helium balloon with a smiley on it

Artist: Shannon Perry

The world recording for inflating balloons with a team is set at 39,522 balloons. The record was set in Brussels. I wonder what the record would be for the number of balloon tattoos on one person.

Shannon Perry
Helium balloons in letters spelling the word 'POP'

Artist: Charlotte

It takes about 1200 balloons to make a fantastic balloon arch. I didn’t find a great tattoo of a balloon arch yet, might work.

Red and blue lined baloon dog

Artist: Rod Palacios

To become a balloon artist you must complete and pass a series of three written examinations with a minimum score of 80%. There are about 100 questions in the examinations.