Boxing tattoos

Are you ready to rumble? Hope these out of the box(ing) tattoos will inspire you. From Mohammed Ali to animals and badass girls these original and graphic tattoos are all about the boxing sport.

Tattoo of a female boxer.

Artist: Lara Brindamour

Women boxing originated in the 18th century, and Elizabeth Wilkinson was the first female boxer recorded in history. This amazon — who named herself the 'European Champion'—competed against both sexes in bouts where aggressive methods of assault, such as gouging and kicking, were still permitted.

Lara Brindamour
Tattoo showing a dynamic portait of Muhammad Ali.

Artist: Amanda Piejak

Muhammad Ali’s youngest daughter, Laila Ali, was an undefeated professional boxer with a record of 24-0.

Amanda Piejak
Tattoo of two man boxing against eachother.

Artist: Marabou

The first modern champion in heavyweight boxing was John L. Sullivan, whose career spanned two eras of the sports. Sullivan was born in 1858, in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Nicknamed the 'Boston Strong Boy' he won his first Championship in 1882.

Tattoo of two boxing man, one with a zebra head and one with a birds head.

Artist: Pokeeeeeeeoh

Did you know an official boxing match was held in 1949 between a man and a bear. To no one's surprise the bear won.

Double graphic boxer tattoo

Artist: Sang Amour

The ancient god Apollo was believed to be the creator and guardian of boxing.

Illustrated boxer tattooed on the arm.

Artist: Stéphane Devidal

I would tell a joke about boxing. But there are too many punchlines.

Three tattooed film frames of Muhammad Ali.

Artist: Sergey Vinnie

Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali reportedly went two months without sex before a big fight, claiming it made him unbeatable in the ring.

Pair of boxers tattooed on the back of both legs.

Artist: Tanya

Archie Moore, nicknamed ‘The Mongoose’, holds the record for most knockouts during a career — a staggering 141.

Tattooed boxer in black and red.

Artist: Waram tattoo

Wilfred Benitez, at 17, is the youngest boxer to win a championship. Benítez has held the title for three championships.

Boxer avoiding punch in action

Artist: Andrei Ylita

Did you know the official name of the sport boxing is actually pugilism. Pugilism translates to practice and skills of fighting with fists.