Einstein tattoos

How much you will love the tattoos in this category is relative. At least according to the great Albert Einstein himself. This category is dedicated to this iconic man and his theories.

Reastic tattoo portait of Albert Einstein in mixed styles.

Artist: Fabian Dickow

Einstein wasn’t the sweetest kid in history, when he was young the genius had some major tantrums. When he was just 5 years old he even threw a chair at his teacher out of frustration. so don't panic when you meet an extremely annoying child, it might just be bothered by its brilliance.

Reastic tattoo portait of Albert Einstein sticking his tong out

Artist: Dizzy

Albert Einstein married his cousin Elsa. Even his marriage was relative.

Reastic tattoo portait of Albert Einstein on a geometric background

Artist: Emma Bundonis

Einstein married the only female student in his class. Her name was Mileva Marić and she was very passionate about math and science. Eventually she gave up her carrier to become the mother of Einstein’s child. Maybe, if she took a different path, this category would be filled with Mileva Marić tattoos.

Reastic tattoo portait of Albert Einstein with theory scribbles on the background

Artist: Avihoo Ben Gida

‘Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.’ - Albert Einstein

Sketched tattoo portait of Albert Einstein

Artist: Ben tats

Did you know that the face of Albert Einstein has influenced the sculpture of Yoda from Star Wars? Nick Maley, the special-effects artist, has confirmed that a picture of Einstein was hanging on the wall and somehow the wrinkles around Einstein’s eyes conveyed to the Yoda design.

Realistic tattoo portait of Albert Einstein

Artist: DJ Tambe

Did you know that no one knows the IQ of Albert Einstein? It was simply never measured.

Realistic tattoo portait of Albert Einstein

Artist: Hyundo tattoo

In 1952 Albert Einstein was asked to be the president of the State of Israel. Einstein was deeply moved but couldn’t accept it. That means this tattoo shows a brilliant man but no president.

Comic version of Albert Einstein as Rick from Rick and Morty.

Artist: Shira Twig

‘The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence.’ - Albert Einstein

Tattoo portrait of Albert Einstein where half his face is filled with a science symbol.

Artist: Eni Magi

After Albert Einstein's death, a pathologist named Thomas Harvey nicked his brain. He took the brain without permission, which cost him his job.

Eni Magi
Tattoo portrait of Albert Einstein saying 'its all relative'

Artist: Ink Mali

Even though the work of Einstein is mostly theoretical it lays the base for a lot of practical items we use now on a daily basis. The theory that gravity is related to time; time moves by faster for objects in space than objects here on Earth is used in modern day GPS systems.