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E.T. tattoos

E.T. is a memory for many as he brought joy and tears in the eighties. The movie really played with the imagination of a child. This category is dedicated to the timeless movie, hope you enjoy these E.T. tattoos.

E.T. scene with the moon tattoo

Artist: Rob Green

E.T. became the movie that brought in the most money in 1983. It exceeded Star Wars who was in first place before E.T. came along. The movie made about 619 million dollar after it came out in all the theatres.

E.T. portrait with funny head tattoo

Artist: Esther Garcia Valenzuela

When E.T. was fully visible, he was mostly played by a small stuntman. However in the scenes in the kitchen a 12 year old boy who was born without legs played E.T.. The boy was an expert in walking on his hands. He didn’t have to model for this tattoo.

E.T. with the moon tattoo

Artist: Merry Morgan

Two aliens are talking to each other in space. The first alien says, 'The dominant life forms on the Earth planet have developed satellite-based nuclear weapons.' The second alien asks, 'Are they an emerging intelligence'. The first alien answers 'I don't think so, they have aimed at themselves'.

E.T. with pug tattoo

Artist: Karo Dame

Did you know Harrison Ford made an appearance in a scene of E.T.? You won't be able to see him shine in the movie though, his scenes were cut.

E.T. with pug tattoo

Artist: Suflanda

The face of E.T. is said to be inspired by a combination of elements from Albert Einstein, Carl Sandburg and a pug. Not a bad combination for one tattoo.

E.T.'s linework portrait tattoo

Artist: Charlotte Lee

What is the difference between a man in a bar and E.T.? E.T. does phone home

E.T.'s portrait tattoo

Artist: Xav

Did you know E.T. is over ten million years old? This is stated in the novelization of the movie. In an interview Steven Spielberg explained E.T. is a plant-like create, neither male or female. Winkt states he is cute and very suitable for a great tattoo.

E.T.'s and elliot hugging tattoo

Artist: Alessandro

Most movies are shot in an order that is most easy. The movie E.T. is shot chronological to engage the young actors in the story and make the ending (seen in this tattoo) more authentic.

E.T.'s legendary moon scene tattoo tattoo

Artist: Jessy Huh

The iconic movie scene shown in this tattoo is mostly a 'real' shot. The team spend weeks to find the right spot to film the moon like this. Elliott and E.T. however where shot as puppets that are added later with special effects.

E.T.'s finger and human finger touching tattoo

Artist: Sleestak

Drew barrymore, who was 6 years old when she played in E.T., was rumored to believe E.T. was a real alien. She even introduced him to his parents.