Family guy tattoos

After 19 seasons of Family Guy, the popular series can no longer be ignored from television, but also from skin. Family Guy tattoos are getting more popular and temp to show someone's crazy side. From a fully tattooed Gregmire to Peter Griffin as a helicopter these creative Family Guy tattoos are here to stay.

Family guy consuela tattoo

Artist: Bran00b

'Hello mister Peter, hello mister children' - consuela

Family guy totem tattoo

Artist: Bombayfoor

Neil Goldman, the school geek with acne and glasses, is named after one of the writers. Unsurprisingly, it wasn't the real Neil Goldman who named the character after himself, but the work of the other writers, who apparently have strong opinions about the real Neil.

Colorful stewie family guy tattoo

Artist: Inkartdesiecle

There are two copies of each episode. One for DVD and one for television. The DVD version is the final release where they can really let loose with all the humor that the censors don't allow on TV.

Peter Griffin as helicopter Family Guy tattoo

Artist: Alex Kane

“I have an idea so smart that my head would explode if I even began to know what I was talking about” - Peter Griffin

Glitched Peter Griffin Family Guy tattoo

Artist: Kim Bendig

A full episode takes a year from start to finish to hit the television. They do multitask though and produce multiple episodes at once.

Brian dog Family Guy tattoo

Artist: Mat Rule

Many of the characters are voiced by the same actors. Seth MacFarlane does Stewie, Brain, Peter and several others. He changes his voice for each character. This means almost all tattoos here are Seth MacFarlane tattoos.

Comic brian and stewie Family Guy tattoo

Artist: Marco Bordi Tattoo

“Oh, and tell cookiemonster not to phone me until he finishes rehab”. - Stewie Griffin

Marco Bordi Tattoo
Brian dog tattoo

Artist: Dani Sanz

“Hey, barkeep, whose leg do you have to hump to get a dry martini around here?” - Brian Griffin

Dani Sanz
Peter Griffin tattoo

Artist: Vinz Flag

Peter Griffin's voice was based on the voice of a security guard MacFarlane knew when he went to college.

Gregmire tattooed family guy tattoo

Artist: Mikenofcuk

Did you know that in 2009, Brian and Stewie joked about 'Bruce Jenner's vagina.' This was six years before Caitlyn actually did her gender reassignment. Wonder if this tattoo also has predicting powers.

Stewie spraying graffiti tattoo

Artist: Nina Kaput

If you are one year old you do not necessarily have to work yet. Still, Stewie has had several jobs, including modeling at Calvin Klein, diver, pilot, employee at McBurgertown and psychologist.