Game Boy tattoos

This category is dedicated to the real Game Boys and girls. Nintendo’s Game Boy have made an impact on a generation, for me it certainly brings back good memories. Hours of playing Pokemon and Super Mario (see mario tattoos here). These original Game Boy themed works of art are immortalized in ink and I hope you enjoy them.

Game Boy within face and skull tattoo

Artist: Bel Studio

The business Nintendo is older than the well-known game console, as it was established in 1889 when the main product was playing cards. They remain true to the fundamentals: Nintendo still sells playing cards.

Game Boy minimal line tattoo

Artist: Aphelion Hoodz

The Game Boy launched at a price of 12,500 yen in Japan on 21 April 1989, and immediately sold out of its initial run of 300,000 units.

Aphelion Hoodz
Game Boy color tattoo

Artist: Kaja Karolina

Did you know the team that developed Nintendo's Game Boy was led by Gunpei Yokoi, an engineer.

Game Boy small tattoo

Artist: 404 Tearzzz

Game Boy sold an external camera and printer for their console, the camera took the user's low-resolution images. The Game Boy might be responsible for the selfie culture.

404 Tearzzz
Game Boy tattoo

Artist: Gennaro Varriale

The Game Boy is the first video game to be played in space. Russian astronaut Aleksandr Serebrov took the game into space to play Tetris there. Anyone in for a space game boy tattoo?

Game Boy with Bulbasaur pokemon tattoo

Artist: Irene Samsa

Over the years Game Boy has been released with several colors and a variety of custom designs. This included the world-famous yellow Pokemon Game Boy, and the edition of Official Manchester United.

Game Boy with Mario coming out tattoo

Artist: Jamieeddytattoo

Where does a Game Boy collector go to when they are sick? Dr. mario!

3D red blue lined Game Boy tattoo

Artist: Robby Valentino

Did you know Tetris was a big success on the Game Boy although it was released on the PC. It had sold 35 million and reached a whole new demographic. To compare, the must have Super Mario Land game sold 18 million copies.

Girl in beach chair on Game Boy tattoo

Artist: Sasha Butmaybe

Game Boy was initially developed to reach more female video players. In 1995, 46 percent of Game Boy players where female. I wonder if the percentage of Game Boy tattoo owners is also over 40 percent. Also you would think they would call it Game Girl.

Sasha Butmaybe
Game Boy with pokemon Hangar tattoo

Artist: Miron

Did you know Pokemon was a big game on Game Boy that eventually became so popular that it took on its own life.