Greyhound tattoos

The Greyhound is famous for his speed and loved for its loyal and loving character. This category is filled with original Greyhound tattoos an ode to these incredible dogs. Hope you enjoy these tattoos.

Greyhound fineline tattoo

Artist: Cholo

‘The average dog is a nicer person than the average person’ - Andy Rooney

Greyhound illustrative portait of head tattoo

Artist: Sarah Loise

Greyhounds have a 270 degree vision, in comparison, humans have a 180 degrees vision. This means Greyhounds can literally see the back of their head. I don't need a 270 degree vision to see this is a very good tattoo.

Greyhound badass linework tattoo

Artist: Bee Amour

Did you know many greyhounds have a tattoo? All greyhound racers have a tattoo in their ear with which they are registered to the National Greyhound Association. If you have a greyhound with this tattoo you can find information about your dog online.

Bee Amour
Greyhound head illustrative tattoo

Artist: Kuba Drożak

Did you know the Greyhound makes an occurence in The Odyssey. When Odysseus comes home in disguise the Greyhound is the only one te recognize him.

Greyhound in action portrait tattoo

Artist: Sam Mancino

Greyhounds are in 86th place when it comes to being the smartest dog. The list has 138 dog breeds. You will be surprised how intelligent they are. For me, getting a beautiful greyhound tattoo is a smart move for sure. They sure make a great action tattoo.

Greyhound laying down minimalsm linework tattoo

Artist: Studio Banlieue

Did you know at one time only noblemen were allowed to own a greyhound. I wonder if they were also the only ones allowed to have a Greyhound tattoo.

Studio Banlieue
Greyhound laying down linework tattoo

Artist: Tanya DSM

What do you call a large dog that meditates? Aware wolf.

Greyhound in space tattoo

Artist: Leah Samuels

Even though Greyhounds aren't the smallest dogs they have been voted as one of the best breeds for apartment living. They don't need a lot of space as long as you keep their minds sharp and walk them regularly. The advantage of a Greyhound tattoo, you never have to walk it when it rains.

Greyhound portrait tattoo

Artist: Xav

Greyhounds are very popular with the royals. Both King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth were crazy about Greyhounds and 'coursing'. Maybe they would have wanted this tattoo too.

Greyhound linework tattoo cuddle

Artist: Wolfgangparadisio

The Greyhound was bred to hunt and race. The greyhound is a dog breed, a sighthound. This doesn't mean they are not cuddly, they are just as playful as any other dog. Even this Greyhound tattoo wants to cuddle.