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Lego tattoos

The Lego movie that was released in 2014 has caused a rise in popularity for Lego tattoos. People get a Lego tattoo simply because they are Lego fan but sometimes also to represent a beloved child. Hope this category filled with creative Lego tattoos takes you back to good times.

Lego figure with his head next to him tattoo

Artist: Amiral Tattoo

‘For me, stories are like Lego blocks. If I don't put one down, I can't put the next one down.’ - Om Malik

Lego figure with earth as a balloon tattoo

Artist: Gianluca Rondina

Lego is a real family company that was passed down by generation starting in 1932. The name Lego is short for the Danish word 'leg godt' wich mean 'play well'.

Lego figure without head tattoo

Artist: Giulia Leyla

The Eiffel Tower that can be build out of 3428 pieces of Lego is considered to be the hardest to build. Wonder if a Lego Eiffel Tower would also be the hardest Lego tattoo to make.

Lego figure without head tattoo

Artist: 404 Tearzzz

I'm having trouble with my Bonnie Tyler LEGO sculpture.. Every now and then it falls apart.

404 Tearzzz
Lego brick with the text life is pain tattoo

Artist: Escozcc

Just like there are challenges for people to walk on glass or fire there is a challenge to walk on Lego. It is even rumored that walking on Lego is more painful than walking on broken glass.

Lego figure head minimal black and white tattoo

Artist: Aleksander Lew

There are seven Lego sets sold by retailers around the world every second! That's over 600 thousand Lego sets a day! I wonder how many Lego tattoos are being tattooed a day.

Lego bricks color tattoo

Artist: Luca Testadiferro

What has four wheels and eats Lego bricks? The vacuum cleaner!

Lego head minimal tattoo

Artist: Poco Cito

Did you know the Lego minifigure heads are empty and have small holes on either side to slim the change of choking.

Lego figure with one side showing human anatomy tattoo

Artist: Kévin Plane

The Lego molding system is so precise that only 18 components in a million do not reach the company's high quality standards. This tattoo also has a hight quality.

Lego figure with colored background tattoo

Artist: Mambo

Did you know on average every person on earth would have 83 Lego bricks? Kids from all over the world spend about 5 billion hours a year playing with Lego. No wonder people have such a deep connection and get a Lego tattoo.