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Music Instrument tattoos

Music tattoos, like musicians and music lovers, come in many forms. This category is dedicated to music instruments. Hope you enjoy these tattoos from the accordion to the piano.

Tattoo of Chet Baker playing the trumpet

Artist: Manuela

Chet Baker was a famous jazz trumpeter and vocalist from America. He is famous for his melancholic and delicate playing and singing. In 1988 he died in Amsterdam. He makes an iconic tattoo.

Oneline tattoo of a piano

Artist: Gianluca Rondina

The most expensive piano was sold at an action for 3.22 million dollar. This piano is designed by Heintzman Pianos and was played by the Chinese pianist Lang Lang at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Maybe a piano tattoo is a better investment since it lasts a lifetime.

Tattoo of the instruments of a rock band

Artist: Criz Suconic

What do you call a band that has to make everything perfectly? OCDC

Tattoo of a cello

Artist: Dizzy

Did you know the word Cello is just a nickname. It is the abbreviation of the full name violoncello, which in Italian means ‘small big viol’. Hope you like this small big tattoo.

Tattoo of a trumpet in sketch style

Artist: Joshua

Life is like a trumpet, if you don't put anything into it, you don't get anything out of it. - William Christopher Handy

Tattoo of a guitar and an eye, tattoo with strong emotion

Artist: Agnieszka Szela Barańska

Music's is emotion. Music can make an impact on your mood. Whether that means moving from joyful to sad frustrated to peaceful or nonchalant to nostalgic – there is no denying the music influences you. Looking at this beautiful tattoo certainly makes me feel joy.

Tattoo dotwork of an orchestra

Artist: Young Binn Sohn

‘There are two golden rules for an orchestra: start together and finish together. The public doesn't give a damn what goes on in between.’ - Thomas Beecham

Tattoo of a woman playing the accordion

Artist: Yara Floresta

The accordion is able to sustain sound for a much longer time than most other instruments. That can either be pleasing or very annoying. Would love to see an accordion tattoo in a place that it can be stretched out and in.

Sketch tattoo of a trumpet player

Artist: Yerin Tattooer

The trumpet is one of the smaller brass instruments, but a trumpet is made of 6 ½ foot tubes (almost two meters)! Fortunately, those meters do not have to be tattooed.

Linework tattoo of an electric guitar

Artist: Igor Castro

Guitars were not the most popular instruments in the world until early 1900s. Before that, pianos, violins and flute were much more widespread. I wonder which instrument is tattooed the most.

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