Piero Fornasetti tattoos

In the way Piero Fornasetti was inspired by the face of Lina Cavalieri, a well-known opera singer. These tattoos are inspired by the recognizable style of Piero Fornasetti. I hope you enjoy these original tattoos inspired by Piero Fornasetti.

Fornasetti portrait half skull half portait tattoo

Artist: Hakan Adik

Piero Fornasetti created more than 11000 artworks in his life from 1913-1988. A lot of those artworks include the recognizable face which belongs to Lina Cavalieri, this muse was an opera singer. Maybe one day there will be 11000 Piero Fornasetti tattoos, or maybe they are already.

Fornasetti portrait drinking out of mug tattoo

Artist: Manila Nanna

The first piece of furniture Piero Fornasetti designed was a cabinet, in the 1940s. He handpainted the cupboard doors with a collage of letters and clippings from books.

Fornasetti portrait with crown tattoo

Artist: Edit Paints

He has collaborated along with fellow creatives like Gio Ponti to turn furniture into objects of creativity and love. He crafted benches, desks, tables, cups, candles, umbrella stands, even pianos – a whole series of items that still reflect his peculiar, timeless aesthetic.

Fornasetti portrait with David Bowie lightning tattoo

Artist: Michele Volpi

‘I am a stickler for detail who loves uncertainty’ - Piero Fornasetti

Michele Volpi
Fornasetti portrait with fake nose tattoo

Artist: Dokhwa

‘I was born into a family of wretched good taste and I use wretched good taste as the key to liberate the imagination’ - Piero Fornasetti

Fornasetti portrait in crocodile tattoo

Artist: Chiara Mattiussi

‘Salvation is in the imagination: if I were a government minister, I would set up a hundred schools of imagination in Italy.’ - Piero Fornasetti

Fornasetti portrait with windows opening tattoo

Artist: Alessandro Santhelia

From an early age, Piero Fornasetti was a skilled drafter. He won a scholarship with which he studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera from 1930 to 1932. He thought that the education was too formal there, and was dismissed for insubordination in 1932.

Fornasetti portrait in a circle with a ladder tattoo

Artist: Maya Gat

Fornasetti, serving in the Italian army during World War II, spends much of the war painting regimental barracks with trompe l'oeil and fruit motifs in Piazza S. Ambrogio, Milan.

Maya Gat
Painter painting a Fornasetti dotwork portrait tattoo

Artist: Matteo Nangeroni

A shop 'Themes and Variations' (Tema e Variazioni) opened in London in 1980 sparking interest in the work of Fornasetti. Partly because of the emergence of the Postmodernism.

Matteo Nangeroni