Pink Panther tattoos

I've always had a soft spot for Pink Panther, the song, the coolness of the character and it has a certain feel to it. Even though the last episode of Pink Panther aired in 2009, Pink Panther tattoos are still hot and happening. And I can relate to why that is. Hope you enjoy these awesome Pink Panther tattoos.

Pink Panther bright heart tail comic tattoo

Artist: Irene Samsa

“You can rest assured that there's trouble, because Inspector Clouseau is on the case.” - Pink Panther

Pink Panther bright color comic tattoo

Artist: Inkartdesiecle

Pink Panther scene, French journalist: Inspector, do you know if the killer was a man or woman? Inspector Jacques Clouseau: Well of course I know that! What else is there? A kitten?

Pink Panther rainbow comic tattoo

Artist: Maggie tattoos

Did you know the famous Pink Panther soundtrack is composed by Henry Mancini.

Pink Panther knife comic tattoo

Artist: Jeffry Burgess

Initially, the series was meant to star David Niven, but Peter Sellers proved to be so successful as Inspector Clouseau that the rest of the series was made to star him.

Pink Panther full comic linework tattoo

Artist: Bonkee

The name Pink Panther refers to a diamond with a unique flaw. What a nice way to tattoo a diamond ;)

Pink Panther snow comic linework tattoo

Artist: Lugosis

The Pink Panther series ran 47 years, from 1963 to 2009. I wonder when the first Pink Panther tattoo was set.

Pink Panther mixed comic linework tattoo

Artist: Pablo Dalas

This final Pink Panther episode was titled “Supermarket Pink” and was produced in 1980. Till this day Pink Panther is still so popular it gets tattooed regularly.

Pablo Dalas
Pink Panther mixed comic color tattoo

Artist: S.W. Wright

“As long as I am confident with who I am, it doesnt matter what other people think” - Pink Panther

Pink Panther mixed styles comic tattoo

Artist: Mat Rule

Pink Panther was an immense success, but not all that came out was a big hit. The Pink Panther Laugh and A Half Hour and A Half Show aired in 1976 and showed that 90 mins was too much of a good thing.

Pink Panther doing graffiti linework minimal tattoo

Artist: The magic rosa

Before Pink Panther was a TV Cartoon, he starred in short films. 124 of them to be precise. Eventually, they all appear on The Pink Panther Show, a Saturday morning cartoon that began in 1969.

The magic rosa

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