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Skaters tattoos

Skaters and tattoos seem to be a match made in heaven. They both eradicate adventure and have a rebellious nature but both require skill and talent to be great and can be appreciated as an artform. Hope you can appreciate this category filled with skaters tattoos.

Little ghost on a skateboard tattoo

Artist: Ophelie Taki

‘I consider skateboarding an art form, a lifestyle and a sport. ‘Action sport’ would be the least offensive categorization.’ - Tony Hawk

Illustrative tattoo of a character skateboarding

Artist: Skrzyniarz

What is the hardest thing in skateboarding? Concrete

Tattoo portrait of a skateboarder

Artist: Cold Gray Tattoo

Between 1978 to 1989, Norway prohibited skateboarding because of the high number of skateboarding injuries. Importing skateboards, trading skateboards and even having one of them was punishable by a fine.

Cold Gray Tattoo
Little skateboard tattooed on a finger

Artist: Ashtray Arts Tattoos

What does a street skater and a stripper have in common? They both love grinding the rail.

Finger skateboard tattoo

Artist: Tanya

Miniature skateboards, equipped with graphics trucks and rotating wheels are making huge profits. Not only in skateboard stores, but also in the nation's largest retail outlets. One major manufacturer of finger skateboards is estimated to have sold 20 million units last year.

Doing a trick on a skateboard tattoo

Artist: Vilela

'Skateboarding is a way to let your body control your mind'- Shaun White

Hot woman on a skateboard tattoo

Artist: Andrea Losantos

For those of you who think skateboarding is an activity for a man here's something for you. Women have been active in this sport as much as men since its creation. Patti McGee was the first female professional skateboarder in history. I wonder if she had tattoos would she have lived in this day and age.

Cat on a skateboard tattoo

Artist: Noil Culture

When the first people started skateboarding they did so bear foot. They didn't wear shoes because the initial purpose of skateboarding was to replicate surfing but then on the land.

Skateboard in two tattoo

Artist: Wonsink

Whether it's sliding off the rail while doing a trick or just tripping over a bump skateboarding accidents happen all the time. As a consequence, more than 176 skateboarding accidents are reported every single day. Some would argue you only deserve a skateboard tattoo when you broke one.

Skater on a alligator tattoo

Artist: Snacks

See you skater alligator! Did you know when skateboarding became more mainstream, it became obvious that skateboarders needed a place to ride and develop their skills. The first parks specifically designed for skateboarding emerged in the early 1970s and were largely made of concrete and often had various obstacles to ride over, such as empty pools half pipes and huge full pipes