Sneaker tattoos

This tattoo category is dedicated to the real sneaker freaks. The people who would stand in line for a good sneaker as long as I would for a good tattoo. Hope you love these graphic and original sneaker tattoos as much as I do.

Ignorant style Nike tattoo

Artist: Arthur Voss

You can feel sore tomorrow or you can feel sorry tomorrow. You choose. - Nike

Nike sneaker held op by a hand tattoo

Artist: Artur Rivera

If you like sneaker tattoos, you are not alone. For instance, Chris Brown is walking around with a face tattoo of the iconic Air Jordan 3. Tattoo artist Joaquin 'Ganga' Lopez shared a photo of the face tattoo via Instagram.

Graffiti style nike tattoo with a sneaker and the famous swoosh

Artist: Conio

The late Marion Frank Rudy, a former NASA aero engineer, invented Nike-Air technology.

Nike sneaker tattoo

Artist: Annelie Fransson

Did you know the most expensive sneaker pair ever is made by a collad between Drake and Nike. They made a solid gold OVO x Air Jordan. The price? 2 million dollars. Even though this tattoo is amazing and lasts much longer then the average pair of sneakers I hope someone did not pay 2 million for it.

Two sneakers handing by their laces tattooed on the arm

Artist: Maxime Grehier

Jordy Geller from Nevada, USA, owns the largest collection of sneakers, who owned an impressive 2,388 different pairs of sports shoes as of May 2012.

Linework tattoo of a nike sneaker

Artist: Aphelion Hoodz

The slogan 'Just Do It' was inspired by the words 'let's do it' by the serial killer Gary Gilmore, just before he was executed. Hopefully this tattoo was not inspired by a serial killer.

Aphelion Hoodz
Tattoo of a converse shoe with geometric background

Artist: Emma Bundonis

Taylor was a Converse salesman and former professional basketball player who traveled around the country teaching basketball clinics (and selling shoes) starting in the 1920s. His name was added onto an ankle patch on the sneaker in 1932.

Tattoo of different sneakers on the ribs

Artist: The magic rosa

What did the sneaker say when it sneezed? A shoe

The magic rosa
Tattoo of a Vans shoe with the famous checkerboard pattern

Artist: Ivan Cubero Lopez

The Vans checkerboard-patterned slip-ons were featured in Fast Times at Ridgemont High as the preferred footwear of Sean Penn’s Jeff Spicoli. Because of this, Vans began to be carried in department stores and independent retail shops, and the checkerboard ended up becoming the brand’s best-selling and most well-known pattern.

Tattoo of a nike air max shoe on the arm

Artist: Dmitry Troshin

Did you know Nike was founded by Bowerman (an athletics coach) and Phil Knight (an athlete). When they began their was only $1200 in their bank account.