Sushi tattoos

They come in many shapes and sizes, are considered an art form, you need skill to make them perfectly and are influenced by Japanese culture. Off course I’m talking about tattoos, I mean about sushi, I mean about sushi tattoos! Whether you are a chef or just love to eat them these original and graphic sushi tattoos are always a good idea in my (cook)book.

Realistic tattoo of a piece of salmon sushi

Artist: Shannon Perry

Did you know that the most commonly adopted style of sushi is named ‘Edomai’. This name refers to the old name for Tokyo, Edo. Sushi has always had a strong link to Tokyo, Japan.

Shannon Perry
Tattoo of a head getting lifted by chopsticks

Artist: Babymamatattoo

Sushi was never meant to be eaten with chopsticks. Only sashimi can be eaten with chopsticks, the rest can be eaten by hand.

Tattoo of soy sauce in a platic fish package

Artist: Bonkee

Leaving a large puddle of soy sauce is considered rude. It is not accepted to waste precious soy sauce. To avoid this problem, pour the smallest amount of soy sauce into a sushi cup and only refill if necessary.

Tattoo of an angel holding a piece of sushi

Artist: Randy Lahaie

Sushi represents a ‘fifth taste’ after salt, sweet, sour, and bitter. This fifth taste, or umami, is also found in asparagus, tomatoes, cheese, meat, and kelp.

Randy Lahaie
Realistic tattoo showing three forms of sushi

Artist: Oozy

The rice in sushi was not originally intended to be eaten. The rice was used for fermentation, after the process was completed, the rice was discarded and only the fish was eaten. Today, the vinegar rice in sushi is considered as important as the fish itself.

Graphic tattoo showing three forms of sushi

Artist: Toto le voyou

The fine art of preparing sushi is something that you watch and learn. - Nobu Matsuhisa

Realistic fish swimming in sushi roll tattoo

Artist: Viktor Westberg

Due to food safety regulations in America and Europe, you are not able to eat fresh raw fish there. The regulation defines that raw fish has to be frozen for a period of time to prevent customers from getting sick.

Mixed styles salmon sushi tattoo

Artist: Vincent Zattera

Did you know that Salmon is technically a white fish? The fish takes on its orange color from a diet of crustaceans.

Comic dog with sushi on his back tattoo

Artist: Tsuyi tatt

What did the sushi roll say to the bee? ‘Wassah Bee!’