Yin Yang alternative tattoos

Traditionally Yin and Yang is represented by a symbol of black and white interlocked shapes. Yin is the black side of the shape with the white dot in it. These Yin and Yang tattoos capture the essence, the balance that Yin and Yang represents and visualizes it with a twist. Enjoy these graphic and original Yin Yang tattoos.

Realistic fishes forming Yin Yang infinity symbol tattoo

Artist: Alex Aureo

‘Freedom without discipline is foolish, discipline without freedom is insanity’ - Ilona Mialik

Comic man dark and light forming Yin Yang symbol tattoo

Artist: Arthur Soffner

The Yin cannot exist without the Yang. The Yang cannot exist without the Yin. They cannot exist in isolation. - Angellia Moore

Two hands holding eyes facing eachother Yin Yang symbol tattoo

Artist: Emil Pytlik

According to Taoism, 'Yin Yang always seeks the lowest ground' which means respecting Yin and Yang is more than fine, but they don't present themselves as our ruler or creator, they don't want to be worshiped anyway, and they're not a savior, they 're just universal balance.

Two bodies forming Yin Yang symbol tattoo

Artist: CC

Yin and Yang is not about one thing being good or the other being bad. It is all about balance. When two opposites exist together the world can be balanced.

Red and black cat forming Yin Yang symbol tattoo

Artist: Deborah Genchi

Yin and Yang originated from the Chinese Philosophy of Taoism. The core principle of Taoism is that nature is perfect as it is. Instead of taking advantage and damaging it, we are genuinely supposed to be a part of it. Tao means 'The Way' but it doesn't explain what that way is.

Rick and Morty forming Yin Yang symbol tattoo

Artist: Bombayfoor

There is no life without death. That is the true meaning of yin and yang. - Lisa See

Two owls symbolizing Yin Yang symbol tattoo

Artist: Marina | Ivoryblack Tattoo

The idea that Yang is bad is one of the biggest misconceptions. First, Yin and Yang are not moral contradictions, they are common and fundamental contradictions such as: Light and dark, Day and night, Fire and ice, Up and down, Push & Pull excetera.

Two bodies merging like Yin Yang tattoo

Artist: Tia Veo

Did you know that even though Yin and Yang is originated in China it impact is reached globally. In Chinese martial arts such as T'ai Chi and Chi Kung, it is very important too.

Woman leaning on Yin Yang symbol tattoo

Artist: Suerte y Muerte

‘It's the perfect balance between yin and yang that created a big bang, and all things in essence.’ - Ana Claudia Antunes

Wolf wolves Yin Yang tattoo

Artist: Ivan Casabò

Without night day can't exist and night can't exist without day. The two are in union. Night also turns into day so they can't be separated easily.

Ivan Casabò